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Our Mission is to empower businesses by providing personable, trustworthy, and quality insurance services.

Business Insurance Company in Phoenix

Our Team

Scott Hooper/ Alpine Blackstone Inc

Senior Broker, Licensed since 2002
Direct (800) 620-4216 ext 86

Francine Perez

Broker, Licensed since 2005
Direct (800) 620-4216 ext 87

Jerry Castronova/Goal Line Insurance LLC

Senior Broker, Licensed since 2010
Direct (800) 620-4216 ext 96

Ernesto Salazar

Broker, Licensed since 2009
Direct, 800.620.4216 x 94

Chris Jenkins

Manager, Licensed since 2009
Direct 800.620.4216

Sam Castronova

Principle, Licensed since 1996

Andrew Jenkins

Principle, Licensed since 2005

EJ Salazar

Broker Assistant, Licensed since 2021
Direct 800.620.4216 ext 84

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Learn Why Our Clients Choose Us

First of all, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do. I remember when I first talked to you and I felt completely lost, having no idea of what to expect or what to do. Ever since then for the last four years, you have been there for us helping us in many ways. You are always available and easy to reach, and your work and service is always excellent. Again, I am very grateful to you for everything that you do and for taking such good care of us.

Imelda G. TX

Ernesto is great to work with. He makes everything so seamless and provides the most professional services. He will always answer your questions and phone calls and always takes the time to explain everything to you. His services have been tremendous, especially dealing with multiple businesses whom he helps with.

Rudy C. Las Vegas NV

The service is always quick, my clients get their certificates right away
and that's why I've been a customer for 7 years.

Manpower Solutions

Awesome job addressing our needs, jumping through hoops in urgent situations
as well as helping us save money.

Smart Builders